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roofing supply - When it comes to a new roof structure, it may be useful to understand the various
kinds of roofing materials that can be found. It is also smart to take into account
maintenance costs, and not simply purchase depending on upfront price alone.

roofing supply - Many roofing materials also come in a number of color options that can be quite aesthetically pleasing.

Asphalt shingles are among the least expensive options with respect to roofing materials.
Although they might require very little maintenance, they last less than other materials.

Wooden roofing materials also include shingles. This type of material requires lots of
maintenance, but is considered a beautiful addition to a conventional style home.
These are usually more expensive, but can last as much as 50 years if they are maintained properly.

Metal roofing materials range from aluminum to copper to steel and can be very energy efficient.
They are usually available in a number of colors, and can also be molded to appear like
shingles or shakes. They are very durable and can be weather proof.
Typically these material cost less than wood, and can last more than 50 years.

Slate tiles come in a multitude of colors, and are very durable.
In fact, most slate roofing materials can last for over a century.
One thing to remember however - is that these tiles are incredibly heavy,
and must be used only with the proper support structure.
They may be expensive to set up, and the tiles are extremely fragile.

When exploring the various kinds of roofing materials it is
important to consider the structure and style of the house.
There are many alternatives which may be more expensive at first,
but also offer a larger variety of color and style choices that may
last for many years.
It may also be smart to consult with a professional roofing materials
company to determine which options will provide the best solution for your specific home.